Your Wife Is Like A Flower

December 13, 2017
Prayer Declarations For Your Marriage  by: Dauren Francis
December 13, 2017

“A woman is like a flower: “If you care for her and love her enough, you’ll have the honor of watching her bloom.” – Davis Dolezal

Flowers are known for their exceptional beauty; so is your wife, but neither will share their fragrant appeal with the world if they are not treated right and cared for with excellence. Flowers will not give off its beautiful aroma to a florist who does not handle it with gentle, soft, tender and loving care. Like a flower, your wife will bloom, but you must shower her with tenderness, compassion, intimacy, affection and genuine love. Her passion will grow for you, and she will open the windows to her heart and her soul to receive you. Your attentiveness attitude toward her produces the fragrances of joy and happiness.  It is important for the husband to know his wife essence of love, spiritually, sexually, emotionally and physically. Pay close attention to her and get to understand her inner beauty. Learn how to cultivate her garden of love.

You Are A Farmer

A farmer does not plant seeds in his soil without first preparing the ground. First, he removes all the weeds and everything that is a hindrance to growth. Then he plows the ground, adds plant food or fertilizer to the soil. After proper preparation is made, he is ready to plant his seeds. Your wife as special needs that requires regular nurturing to maintain her attractiveness for you. Just like flowers are drawn to sunlight, water and nutrient, your wife, is drawn to you because of how you treat her. You become that magnetic force between both of you. A husband will never experience the beauty and inner passion of his wife if he does not pay close attention to her. Her desire and passion is tied into you. You can only get the best out of your wife if you invest the best in her.

“Whatever a man invest, or withhold from his wife will reveal in her countenance.”

When you see a woman looking beautiful and excited while in the presence of her husband you can always tell what type of investor he is. A wife cannot fake her true feelings for her husband for too long. God did not design her to live that way. If her countenance is unpleasant, it is base on how she feels about herself and her husband plays a significant role in bringing out the best in her.

You will never smell the aroma of a flower if the gardener does not water and cultivate it. A flower is not self-sustained it needs attention and care from the florist. You will never smell and feel the authentic aroma of your wife love if she is not cultivated to it out. A flower needs a real florist who has mastered their craft and knows how to invest in his garden.

“I am the rose of Sharon, The lily of the valleys.” “Like a lily among the thorn So is my darling among the maidens.” Songs of Solomon 2:1

In the book of Solomon, we see how King Solomon refer to his wife as “Lilly” among thorns. Solomon must have been a lover of flowers because he often makes the comparison between flowers and his lovers. In the time of Solomon, the Sharon plain was well-known for its fertility, beauty, and majesty, having many flowers and trees. Clearly, the Beloved adored her Lover (Song of Songs 1:4).  At the same time, she did not underrate herself.  In giving herself, she offered her Lover the perfect flower known — a rose of Sharon.

For example, he wrote “The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away with me.” Song of Solomon 2:13

“Arise, my love, my fair one and come away” It takes a man with excellent lyrical skills to articulate this statement to the one he loves.

Another translation says “I am the spring crocus blooming on the Sharon Plain, the Lilly of the Valley.” Songs of  Solomon 2:1

The “spring Crocus” and lily are flowers commonly found in Israel. Perhaps this young lady Solomon is interested in was saying, “I’m not that special; can’t you see I am just an ordinary flowers just a regular girl” to which Solomon replied, “Oh, no, you are Extraordinary my love, you are a lily among thistles” typically flowers with thistles has a prickly stem, they will hurt you if you touch them, these plants are not very friendly or pleasant to work with. Solomon was assuring this young lady that regardless of how she views herself, he sees nothing more than beauty in her.

Sometimes your wife may not feel beautiful maybe they are dealing an illness or some problematic situations. They might have lost a baby or gain with from the last pregnancy. These situations can take a toll on her, and wives tend to take things more seriously and personally than husband do. Often it leaves them feeling broken and unattractive. This is the time that she will need her husband to show his support and reinforce his commitment to her. She need a word of encouragement that will make her feel better about herself and her current situation. She may see herself as a thistle, and it is your job to make her feel like a lily among thorns.

The Song of Solomon features the love dialogue between a young Jewish woman (the Shulamite woman) and her lover (Solomon, the king). They describe in intimate detail their feelings for each other and their longings to be together. Throughout the dialogue, sex and marriage are put in their proper, God-given perspective.

Your wife is a flower pick from a beautiful garden. Your job is to water her with love, and affection, lead her into worship, honor her and praise her. At the right moment she will spring up, she will be budding from your love. She will bloom, then out comes her beautiful flowers shining for you, with the aroma of her love surrounding you. You will forever enjoy the fragrance of her love because you took the time to cultivate and nurture her.

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