Why I Decided To Remarry My Wife

How To Be Happier In Your Marriage
April 27, 2019

Twenty-five years ago, I waited at the altar and watched this beautiful young lady walk down the aisle to become my wife. I stood there and watched the rhythm of her body swayed in her wedding gown to the sound of the organist playing “Here Comes The Pride”. My heart skipped a beat as I waited for what seems like an eternity. I couldn’t wait any longer and so I met her halfway. I paused and smiled at her took her hand in mine, and we started our journey together down the aisle to the alter in holy matrimonial commitment.

Before I explain my whole reason for remarrying my wife, let me take you down memory lane a bit so you can understand our journey and how far God has brought us from.

My wife and I have known each other since we were about five years old. We were both born and raised on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Yes, we are products of that amazing Caribbean Island. The birthplace of the most famous reggae artist, the Legendary Bob Marley.

We both attended the same school all the way to junior high school and were members of the same church. We gave our life to the Lord in the same General Church convention service, and we got baptized together.

Growing up, we became the best of friends. My family and her family are very close, and so we knew each other very well. As we got older and started to become attracted to the opposite sex, she was my go-to person for approval of girls I liked. I used to talk to her about the girls that I liked, and she would talk to me about boys that she liked.

When she was about 17 years old, I realized that she was transforming into a beautiful, gorgeous young lady right before my eyes and I started to see her differently. I did not see her as a best friend anymore; I started to see her as someone I wanted to date, and she hated me for it. I was that guy she could talk to about all the other guys she had a crush on, and here I am pursuing her as a love interest.

After refusing to date me for almost a year, she wrote me a letter on April 10, 1989, telling me that she wanted to give me a chance to prove my love for her. That’s all I wanted a chance to prove my love. Right after we started dating, my mom relocated to New York, and so we had a long distance relationship for 5 years, of which I would visit regularly. To this day I still have the first letter she wrote to me over 30 years ago.
On February 5, 1994, I went to Jamaica and married her and that’s when our new life began. She is what I wanted in a wife and more.

Why I choose To Marry Her Again

The Bible says “He who finds a wife finds a “Good Thing a has obtained favor from the lord”. Proverbs 18: 22. I found my good thing and I have obtained favor from God because I have found her. She personifies what it means to be a HELPMATE. She has been my rock when I needed a friend to lean on.

I remember when my mother passed away in 2016, it was one of the hardest and most devasting time in my life. I did not sleep for over five days. I could not process the fact that I lost my mother and deal with the reality that I will never see her again on this side of life. My wife would stay up with me and comfort me. I saw another side and character in my wife that I never saw before. She became a comedian when I needed a good laugh. She became my strength when I was weak.

Through all the things we have personally been through she was there and we worked together to get through them. She is my BIGGEST cheerleader. Her voice speaks the LOUDEST in my life. She is my rib, and she makes it easy for me to breathe in our marriage. She is my seed a carrier, yes she gave birth to our two sons. All my goals, visions, ideas and aspirations go through my wife first. No major decisions are made without her input. I trust her advice.

25 Years and Counting.

When we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in 2015, I told my wife that if we lived to see our 25th Anniversary I would remarry her again. She thought I was joking it is a reality.  I was so serious about it that in 2016 I booked the photographer for the event.  We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary on February 5, 2019, but on June 1, 2019, we will be getting married again. I told her she is so nice that I decided to marry her twice 🙂 We will renew our wedding vows and commit to each other for the rest of our lives. A successful marriage is built daily and we are here on this journey because we decided to do it together. We are doing marriage and life together for the rest of our lives.

“In a time when many couples are looking for a reasons to get a divorce, we are looking for reasons to stay together forever.”-DF

I am convinced that she is the perfect person for me. We are not perfect, but we are perfect for each other in a perfect union called marriage. The first postcard she gave me said: ” After All These Years The Feelings Are Still There.” You are right honey, after all these years the feelings are still there. I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle again for the second time and watch her body sway to the sweet rhythm of love again. This time it is going to be really special. 

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