Waiting Is Not Easy, But It Is Necessary

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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

I grew up with five sisters; I am the only brother among them. You cannot imagine the conversations about relationships that I have had over the years. I am stuck in the middle of all these girls. I felt like I am right there in the midst of all their relationships drama and chaos. It would take me a long time to tell you all about it. Growing up with them taught me a lot about relationships it helps me become a more rounded husband. My good listening skills came from listening to my sisters all my life. Some that my wife has grown to love about me. I guess I had no choice when you are the only brother.


I remember when my younger sister came to me and said she thinks she is ready to look for a mate. I had to correct her immediately. I told her a lady does not go looking for no man. As you can see, I started my training as a relationship expert practicing with my five sisters not to mentioned my wife and I 23 years of marriage. I Told my sister you are a wife in waiting, you are looking to be found which means you desire a qualified mate to pursue her.


My sister did what she was told to do, she went to college got a good education started her career in corporate America, and now she would like a suitable guy who is a godly man to pursue her for marriage. Unfortunately what she thought would be easy because she is ready to be found became a very complicated process. The choices of men who were approaching her just did not fit the profile of what she was looking for in a man.


My sister started to become very frustrated and discouraged. I remember her telling me she is done with dating and she will never get married because there are no quality men out there. I told her not to ever speak those words out of her mouth if that is not what she wants to manifest in her life.

I know a lot of you can relate to my sister. When you speak like this, you are creating as you speak. Don’t allow your frustrations to enable you to speak negatively. You are speaking things into the atmosphere that will yield fruit of its kind. You give birth to what you say. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue.

I told her she has to trust God with the process. She must put God first in all that she does. She started to commit herself to reading the Word of God and seeking God more. She quit putting marriage as the primary focus in her life. She began to serve in ministry and did well filling her assignment.


After taking her mind off dating and getting married here came a guy who has proven himself to be the kind of man she always wanted. After giving up hope that she would ever find true love it comes knocking her door down. This guy was a friend of hers that she knew for a long time. He stepped up and man up, and he proved himself to be a very qualified candidate. I just had to put him through the relationship Appraisal Process (RAP). I wanted to see if he was consistent with who he said he was. I was not trying to choose for my sister I just wanted to make sure he started out good and was in line with his actions. My sister has been married for over eight years and had two children a boy and a girl. Her husband serves as a youth minister in their church.


If God is keeping you single, it is because He as a good reason to do so.

First of all, know that marriage will not make you happy marriage should add to the happiness you have with God and with yourself. If God is keeping you single, then it is because he is not ready to share you with anyone else. Right now He wants all of you. He intends to be the number one fan in your life. Being single is the perfect time to focus on your spiritual growth. When you are single, you are free to indulge fully in the things of God.

Singleness is the best time to prepare for marriage. One of the biggest problems we see in most marriages is that couple planned for the wedding, but they did not take the time to prepare for the marriage.

Your season of waiting is a tested season, but it should not be a wasted season. When God see it fit He will release you because the right one comes along and prove to be the one for you just like he did for my sister.

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