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November 28, 2017
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December 13, 2017



In our book “Dating and Courting With Godly Purpose” we wrote about the power of Love and respect in marriage and relationship. Love and Respect are two key elements of any relationship that cannot be ignored. It is impossible to build a Marriage God’s ways without LOVE AND RESPECT. Real characteristic of love and desire for a woman genuinely comes from a spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical level. A man will not win the heart of a lady with good morals, character, and integrity from the physical level this is the final stage of engagement in the relationship for her. She is a spiritual being and desires a man who knows how to relate to her on a spiritual level. The man is a spiritual being who desires this same sentiment however for the woman this is how she was wired, and she will not change. All of these qualities are hard wired in her from creation.
If her social, cultural and economic back ground might have prevented her from tapping into some of these qualities, all it takes is the right man in her life. A man who knows how to add value to her life, a man who sees the greatness in her and help her to be the best she can be.

Men must study the art, science, anatomy, and physiology of the woman, she is indeed a fascinating subject. I promise my wife I will get a Ph.D. in Queenology. She is a subject that will forever fascinates and captivate my mind. God is truly a master builder, and He created a MASTER PIECE called WOMAN. Most people miss this, but it is interesting that even in her name you will find the word MAN. The woman came out of the man; my wife is my rib she came out of me, and I believe it makes sense for a man to study his better half so that he understands and learn how to serve her better. When you do, it will give you the necessary spontaneity and acumen that will bring out the best in her. it is impossible for a woman to submit to a man who does not show her love, respect and affection.


Respect for the man equates to love. A man greatest asset in the relationship is how his wife honors and respect him. Respect and honor to a man are equivalent to the husband telling his wife how much he loved and adored her. Of course, the husband needs to hear these words and experience the act of love from their wives, but this is not the primary area that drives him, those areas are respect and honor. He is more motivated by the act of respected and honor rather than hearing his wife telling him I love you all day long. A husband genuinely needs his wife to respect his knowledge, opinions, and decisions. Many men wished their mate wouldn’t question their knowledge or argue with their decisions all the time. I know how sensitive the topic of respect can be in these liberated days, but what it comes down to is knowing the love language of your spouse and communicate it to them regularly.

Ephesians 5:33 says that a husband must love his wife and a wife must respect her husband. There is a felt need in a woman for love and, in a man, for respect. When husbands are told to love their wives, we can draw from this that wives need and desire to be loved. Wives are told to respect their husbands. We can infer from this that husbands need to be recognized. A woman has the attributes and character to bring out the best in her husband. You are his help mate for a reason. What your husband lack God put it in you, you are his (IT Factor) you have the ability to bring out the best in him. Remember a woman will never win the heart of a man she does not respect so keep the cycle of love and respect turning in your marriage.

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