This book is well written. The fluidity of the writers thoughts and intentions are quite evident. This piece of work is simplistic yet thought-provoking, and insightful. Throughout this work, there are themes that address the realities of the marriage relationship, and useful tips to guide individuals to a place of fulfillment, oneness, awareness, positive thought and approach, as well as an ability to target the onset of issues that will result in the demolition or a breakdown in the union of marriage.

In this book, Pastor Francis discusses our shared need for love and belonging. He highlights the importance of patience, fervency in prayer, and understanding the definition of love in its purest form. He acknowledges that having a successful marriage takes two like-minded individuals, and encourages the readers to spend time in preparation for one’s spouse, and exuding all that God is, in word and in deed.

Trust and faith are imperative. The presence of the aforementioned in marriage is stressed. The writer poses, that both words are action based. Several analogies are presented which demonstrate that without the two, that one’s relationship is fleeting or stagnant. It is suggested, that trust and faith must be activated– that it acts as a support beam which bears the weight of one’s relationship. Without trust, one’s union will stagger, sway and shift. Communication is another topic that’s addressed in this book which is expressed as the “lifeline” of a relationship. In a nutshell, the author poses the importance of various tools that are necessary for the foundation of ones marriage to stand. Trusting ones self & being trustworthy is also essential for progression and wholesomeness.

Pastor Francis supports the idea that intimacy is spiritual and that it is the Lord who Created & established it. He speaks of the importance of communicating ones thoughts, desires, concerns, and voicing ones truth. Understanding your spouses anatomy and physiology is also expressed, seeing that the hormonal changes can cause ones behavior and or attitude to be altered by it resulting in a disinterest in intimacy. Ultimately, sex is pure and holy and to be experienced by those who God joined together. Our desires should be communicated with clarity, and our objective should be to regard our spouse with honor, respect, and to enjoy our sacred and intimate experiences.

The vitality of valuing the time that we are privileged and graced with our spouses is discussed. The writer magnifies that small acts of service/moments shouldn’t be viewed as insignificant–that each experience should be considered remarkable and valuable. Embracing the simple gestures, the moments of thoughtfulness, the subtle acts of kindness or concern should be valued and honored. The essentialism of prayer is presented, seeing that it acts as a “safeguard” from the enemies attacks on the union of marriage. It is suggested that the wife remains consistent in prayer and supports her husband and that both parties reciprocate being spiritually inclined and driven by a desire to keep the marriage operating and functioning effectively.

The proper Management of Finances is voiced, seeing that it often causes strain in marriage relationships. It is suggested that spouses have open communication about setting realistic goals, understanding financial responsibilities, managing the flow of what’s deposited and withdrawn. Being good stewards of what God has given us, making healthy choices financially. Spending habits must be acknowledged, identified, modified, and tailored. Credit reports and credit scores should be managed. Being intentional, educated about finances, proactive, and making intelligent decisions for the present as well as securing ones self in the event of unexpected sickness or death is addressed.

The need for perseverance, self-awareness, self-esteem, commitment, knowledge, self-efficacy is highlighted. The author reveals that there is a difference between character and appearance. He states that the external design and makeup of package can often distract and give individuals a perceived reality. It isn’t until one positions themselves to investigate the contents of one character, that they can truly discover the depths of that person’s individuality. It takes going beyond the surface and plunging into the core of another’s being, to truly identify who they are, what they represent, their values, and their intentions for a committed relationship/marriage. “Proper preparation, prevents poor performance.” The author uses the analogy of a plant and it being in need of proper environmental elements and essentials to grow and germinate. It is proposed that husbands have needs as well, and those needs should be met. The author explains that men are proportioned with “steel and velvet”, yet it’s understanding the balance of both sides of him, that aide in being an asset to his masculinity and him being a great husband and support system.

Checking the pulse of our marriage is mentioned. We are instructed to be masters and knowledgeable of the various avenues and ports of our marriages, similarly to professionals who attend seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge in their areas of study/work field. There must be an intentional effort to preserve the union of marriage. An open line of communication, effective listening, quality time, making evaluations as well as reevaluations, embracing change, and eradicating the things that aren’t of value is vital as well.

This writing reveals that marriage doesn’t come with a manual. Both individuals have to explore what works for them because everyone’s marriage experience, exposure, difficulties, or areas that’s in need of guidance or modifications is unique. Again, effective communication is reiterated, because it is the only way that one’s heart and intentions can be processed and acknowledged. Communication graces both parties to identify the absence or presence of key issues in the relationship, and address them.

Conclusively, the marriage relationship has to be cultivated. It must be managed and preserved by two willing parties that understand the order that God has in place. God is anchored to His word. We ought to solely rely on Him for direction, and be in constant prayer. He can secure the reigns of sanctified unions despite the tumultuous terrains of life. He IS the effectual binding glue that cements our relationships that were built to last. Through the power that He has given us, we can combat the spiritual attacks of the enemy, eliminate the presence of fear and insecurity, maintain our posts, and experience fulfilled marriages.
Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It is about the impact, influence and inspiration that one displays to nurture and foster the growth and development of individuals. That is what Rev Dauren and Joan Francis are. Both of you are an inspiration to couples (young and old) and are great role models. You both bring the true meaning to what a marriage should be.

Every encounter with you and your words of wisdom solidifies our marital bond. They always say getting married is the easy part but maintaining it is the hard part, but every encounter at the marriage ministry makes the journey easier everyday.
Rev. Dauren and Joan Francis are an innovative couple, on the cutting edge of Marriage Ministry. They have tapped into the heart of God and through his word, have gleaned precepts and Solutions for relationships that positively impact, empower and equip couples and singles.

The dynamic anointing on their lives to declare the standard of God, through relationships in insightful, straightforward and relevant ways, especially In this tumultuous time, in which the very integrity of marriage is being assaulted, is a game changer. We wholeheartedly endorse their ministry and know that the information provided on this site will be a blessing.
Rev. Dauren and Joan Francis Marriage ministry serves as an asset to strengthen Marriages. Their marriage ministry Work, has impacted positively on the social, emotional, spiritual and financial well being of families in so many ways. They were instrumental and highly successful in facilitating and presenting in our marriage seminar at the New Testament Assembly Church in June 2016.

We admire and respect their humility, professionalism, resourcefulness, insight and clear vision of how to build and maintain a healthy marriage. Rev. Francis and Joan Francis has demonstrated a wide knowledge of Love in marriage, healthy communication, managing finances and resolving conflict in marriages. We are so proud of both of them. We support their effort for the next level of their Ministry. To God be the glory.
I came from a country where the person you choose to date has to be your future husband. After my failed marriage it felt as though my whole world fell apart so I decided to pursue my education and career.

I have never been fond of dating and my limited time made it more and more impossible to have a serious relationship. I have always struggled with finding the right person that could make me feel complete. There are many “Bozos” out there as Dauren says in his book “Built to Last”. Luckily for me I met Dauren. The passion and dedication he has for his wife and family was very inspiring. They are the model couple that I aspire to be like.

Both Dauren and his wife guided me through some tuff times dealing with failed relationships while waiting for Mr. Right to find me. They reminded me that a relationship built in God is stronger than any force against it and that our God is the God of 2nd, 3rd, and infinite chances. I am one of the people touched by their lives and ministry.

Their dedication to helping singles and married individuals build successful and happy lives is what makes them so unique. I will forever be grateful to my two friends for reminding me not to settle but wait on God for my Mr. Right. I am now dating someone who fit the profile of what they taught me to look for in a person I’m interested in. Their sound and Godly advice paid off. Thank you and God bless.

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