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January 18, 2018
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February 7, 2018

Our happiness is not by accident; happiness is based on how we feel, the attitude we have about life and the relationship we have with ourselves and others. When we decide to be happy, it allows us to look on the brighter side of things even when things do not look that bright. Something can be going wrong in your relationship, and it does not affect how you treat each other because of your attitude. It is ok to show emotions about something that you are upset about, but you can’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgment to the point where you disrespect and hurt each other’s feelings intentionally. Learn to see things as they can be and not as they are. The situation may not look good now but believe that everything is going to work out for your good.

If life throws you lemons, make some lemonade. Don’t see your glass half empty; be optimistic and see it half full. By declaring things are going to be ok, you are cultivating an atmosphere of happiness.

Most people are the happiest in their lives when they are in the process of attaining worthwhile goals and visions. You will experience your greatest happiness when you have set goals, and both of you are working together to accomplish them. You will find pleasure in simply sitting down and planning it. Your happiness is in the destination as well as the journey that got you there. What did you experience on that journey? Do you remember any lessons learned? Cherish those moments. Think about the storms you survived, the hurdles you conquered.

Now that you reflected on your life’s journey, can you see happiness in the process? Do whatever it takes to cultivate that happiness in your marriage. Learn to cultivate a culture that is positive and attractive. Do you remember your first date or that exotic vacation you took? This exercise can ignite such joy and laughter while going through the cloudy days and darkest nights in your relationship. Rolling back the curtains of memories can surprisingly get you through your challenging moments. Withdrawing from your rich well of knowledge and experiences will give you a boost in your happiness department to propel you forward. Your garden of happiness needs some cultivating. It requires your brightest smile and possibly a little pruning of tenderness. It needs some of your positive attitudes. Water it with your magnetic personality and love. Create some pleasant memories and ensure your spouse that you will enjoy it together.

Live life to its fullest. Live in the here and now. Yesterday is in the tomb and tomorrow is in the womb. What you both have is this blessed day; live it as if it’s golden. Wrap your arms around each other and enjoy the moment. Life is too short. Try not to get too hung up on the hang-ups. Hang loose; enjoy the beauty of life that God has granted you. All you have is the present, tomorrow is not promised to you. Cultivating happiness is also appreciating what you have and being content with it. Learn to appreciate your blessings. You have been blessed with good health; you are able to afford the things that you need. That is more than enough to give God thanks for. So many people don’t have what you have, yet they find all the probable reasons to be happy, why not you?
Your happiness should not just be about what you can get from your spouse; it is also about what you can give to your spouse. A good life is a happy life. We start relationships because we want to be happy. People sometimes compromise their values and integrity because they want to experience happiness. Everyone wants to experience it. It does not matter what part of the world you come from; this is one of the few things in life to which everyone can relate; we all desire to be happy


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