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Growing up with my five sisters I learned a lot about how women think. I learned about what you are motivated by and why you feel the way you do about yourself. Having a good self-image is crucial to a successful relationship. What is self-image and how is it develop? A self-image is in its most basic form an internalized mental picture or idea you have of yourself. Its how you think and feel about yourself based on your appearance, performance, and relationships. Your self-image consistently impacts your outlook on life as well as your level of happiness and fulfillment. Whenever you ask: How do I look? How am I doing? How important am I? These are all examples of the internalized mental picture and idea you create of yourself that builds the foundations of your self-image.

When you don’t have a good self-image or self-esteem, you are not putting your best of you on display for the world to see. Ladies, this blog is for you I am writing to you from a male perspective. Men see things differently than you do that why we must do our homework and studies each other built-in DNA to better understand each other.


I remember when my sisters use to go out on a date I was the one they use to critique how they look. They would put on a dress and ask me how do I look? I would give them my honest opinion whether I like it or not. This is what always blows my mind. When they asked me how they look, and I give them my honest opinion, they would accuse me of Lying. Here is the other scenario that gets me confuse. I would tell her that the outfit she had on look better than all the others she tries on then, she would say to me she is not comfortable in it.

I hope some brothers are reading this post because it will help you. Ladies, it does not matter how much compliments we give you. If you are not confident within yourself, then you will not believe anything your husband or boyfriend tells you. It is about self-confidence. When you feel good about yourself, you can wear almost anything, and it will feel good on you.


Physical beauty is superficial and it is not as important as a person’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual qualities. External attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality.

Man are visual by nature your physical appearance will be the first sign of interest to him. Ladies I want to set those of you at ease who think you have to look like a model out of the people magazine for a man to find you attractive. Attractiveness comes in all different shape size and color. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, make sure that when he meets you, he is meeting the best version of you. Most of you allow Mainstream media to brainwash you about what real beauty look is.

Beauty is often distorted, misunderstood and shadowed by a wide amount of conflicting pressures. It is something we endlessly strive for, rather than see in the true essence of our happiest moments. Beauty has been described and depicted through pictures and concepts penetrating our minds. Beauty has been defined in so many ways. What I have discovered is that beauty is simple, beauty is pure, beauty is genuine and beauty is happiness. Your beauty will always get a man attention, but it is the woman with an immeasurable Godly character who will impress him. Your beauty will get you a date it’s the authenticity of your soul that will win his heart. Your soul as to be right.


I use to watch my sisters look themselves in the mirror and find fault about themselves. I could never understand it because when I look at them, I don’t see what they are finding fault about. For example, my sister would come to me and ask questions such as “ do you think I am fat? Do you think that my right cheekbone is thicker than the other? Ladies, I know you can relate to this as well. I have heard it all from my sisters. Here is the essential point I want to make to all of you.
When they ask me those questions, and I look at them, I can’t figure out what they are talking about. I cannot identify with what they are finding fault about by looking at them.

Ladies, please stop putting your faults and display for the world to see. Almost every one of us wishes something about us were different. Truth is when someone looks at you they do not recognize those fault. They are not on display for the world to see.


There are things you know about yourself that no one will ever know unless you talk to them about it. There are things you know about your body that no one will ever know or can detect with their naked eyes. If you don’t share it, they will never perceive it exists. A lot of the things you are concerned about when a man looks at you they don’t see those concern or all the fault you find with yourself. All a man see is a beautiful lady they would love to meet and get to know better.

Most of you are so conscious about your looks that you put it on display for the world to see by how you carry yourself and act with others. The world is not aware of it yet you share it with them voluntarily every chance you get.


Ladies, it is time to see yourself as God sees you.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well. Psalm 139:14

In the original Hebrew text of the Bible, the word fearfully means: with great reverence, heartfelt interest and with respect. The word wonderfully means: unique, set apart, marvelous.

There is no one in the world like you it is time to put your best self forward. The real you is dying to come out for the world to see. God created greatness when he created you. When you walk through your doors, your self-image and personality are on full display for the world. What are you displaying for the world to see? Is it all the lies you are telling yourself or are you displaying the beauty that lies within you? Until you learn to trust the God in you and who He has created you to be you will always think you are average What kind of energy are you giving to others? You will never be able to give to others what you don’t give yourself. Give yourself the best. The world is waiting for the real you to show up.

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