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Welcome to “After We Say I Do!” We are so elated that you are visiting our website. After We Say I Do is not just a site for married couples, it is a platform for singles as well. Our mission at After We Say I Do is to empower and help build successful marriages and relationships God’s way. We believe that marriage is not the problem. God created marriage and everything that God created He declared it was good. Based on our experience with mentorship and counseling, we found that most people in marriage are not properly prepared for life in marriage.

We believe that if they are better prepared for life they would be better suitable for marriage. Our goal is to help people live their best life now through understanding God’s purpose for their lives. Marriage should not be our greatest accomplishment. It is a choice not an obligation. God has bigger plans for you and marriage is just a byproduct of that promise.
"After We Say I Do" is a website looking through the binoculars of the marriage experience. The honeymoon is over; what next? You planned for the wedding but did you take the time to prepare for the life after the wedding. Too often we see the frustration of many couples after the wedding. The fusing or bonding after the 'I dos' have been said take time. This is the juncture at which fantasy comes face to face with reality. All can benefit from the information and resources offered on this website. Couples will find principles to strengthen their marriage, and singles will be better prepared for Mr. or Mrs. Right rather than settle for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now. We believe that marriage as well as anything in life that is of great value takes time, effort, sacrifice, commitment, dedication and hard work. We impress upon others that building a marriage is a daily process.

With the attack on marriages today, we have a burning desire to strengthen marriages; to mentor, counsel and restore the broken and failing ones through God's word. Together we have engaged many couples and touch many lives through social media, one to one counseling, seminars, workshops, marriage retreats and much more. We have shared our views on Radio Stations in the City of New York as well as internet radio broadcasting nationwide.

We have a very unique story

Dauren and his wife Joan have known each other since we were five years old. They grew up as the best of friends, and fell in love when they were 18 years old. It is such a long story you have to get their book on dating & courting to get the full version. They have been married for over twenty-three years, and have two sons whom they love dearly. Dauren is the Author of “Built to Last: A Successful Marriage and Relationship”. He and his wife Joan co-authored “Dating and Courting with Godly Purpose”. These books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and also on our website.

Dauren grew up with five (5) sisters from whom he learned several lessons on relationships. Dauren’s upbringing and two decades of marriage also added a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding on the subject of marriage and relationships.

Dauren Francis is an ordained Reverend and functions as the Associate Pastor at Greater Mount Bethel Tabernacle located in Bronx, New York. Dauren serves his city as a licensed Chaplin, an inspirational speaker and mentor to many. Dauren is a graduate of the Family of Christ Theological Seminary in New York and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and Christian Education.

Joan holds a degree in Business Administration and Management, and is currently studying at the Family of Christ Theological Seminary.

This anointed, dynamic duo has significantly impacted the lives of many couples through their ministry. They envision a society where the desire for God's love, marriage, family and relationship is still relevant and forever embraced.

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